Biogen’s global approach to Grants and Giving aims to catalyze scientific innovation, address unmet patient needs, and advance medical and disease education through funding a variety of programs and initiatives throughout the year.

Our Grants and Giving Office considers applications that align with the above approach from eligible organisations in Australia or New Zealand, including for the following:

  • Donations to not-for-profit organisations that support charitable activities and communities
  • Grants for the development of treatment guidelines, educational events and programs for healthcare professionals and patients, and research that does not result in data generation
  • Fellowships to advance the education and research of healthcare professionals

See our global Grants and Giving site for further information about how to make an application in relation to the above.

Individual healthcare professionals that wish to apply to Biogen for support to attend a third party educational event, or to conduct a specific research project that will result in the generation of data, should contact their local Biogen representative.