Biogen launches its first Reconciliation Action Plan

Two years since it began the journey, Biogen Australia has launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan – that of reflection.

The company took the opportunity at the launch to unveil to its employees for the first time, the specially commissioned artwork that is taking pride of place in the foyer and which adorns the Action Plan.

The artwork created by Courtney Garstang, Barkinji artist and student at Macquarie University,represents neuroscience and the quest for medical solutions, while also reflecting First Nations Peoples’ approach to medicine and Aboriginal culture in cleansing the spirit and mind along with the symbolisation of cooperation and productivity among co-workers.

The launch began with an impactful Welcome to Country by Yvonne Weldon, 2022’s NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year and was followed by a discussion on the importance of reconciliation by Geoffrey Bilney, Indigenous Corporate Engagement Consultant in the Partnerships team at Macquarie University and a consultant to Biogen’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Courtney shared her story and passion for art, before explaining to attendees how she had developed the artwork and what it means; Biogen was delighted to be Courtney’s first corporate client at a time when she paused study to assess and explore her career in art.

David Henderson, Managing Director at Biogen ANZ commented, “Reconciliation is progressed by meaningful action and our activities to date have called on us to think about what ‘meaningful action’ might mean and how it is translated into our daily and working lives.

“Importantly, we have focused on supporting each other to connect, listen, learn and reflect and are delighted to be able to now launch our first Reconciliation Action Plan, marking an official, formalised step in our journey.

“As a company that occupies lands where custodianship was, and is, held by those belonging to the oldest living, continuous culture on earth, I am delighted that we are paying our respects to them by actively participating in this important program.”

View Biogen’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan here.